In the Döberitzer Heide, a heath on the outskirts of Berlin, bison, Przewalski horses and red deer now grace the landscape of what was formerly a military training ground. learn more

With its near-natural design approach, the graveyard biodiversity project reduces the maintenance effort involved in tending cemeteries, makes them more visually attractive and increases the biodiversity that exists within their walls. learn more

The preventive health project offers a social, group-based approach to help provide balance and emotional support for children from families coping with addiction and/or impaired mental health. learn more

The nationwide Junior Ranger programme is designed to capture children’s imaginations, spark their interest in natural processes and natural landscapes in Germany, and enable them to become actively involved. learn more

This Cologne-based ‘save the sparrows’ project involves specially devised activities and a call for citizens’ initiatives to create habitats primarily for house sparrows while ensuring that they will also benefit biodiversity as a whole. learn more

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Döberitzer Heide – Wild Heath
Biodiversity in Church Cemeteries
Faba Nature Project: Biodiversity for Emotional Balance
Junior Ranger: Children and Youth as Natural Landscapes Ambassadors
Saving the Sparrow in Cologne
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The UN Decade on Biodiversity

The UN Decade on Biodiversity was officially launched in Germany on November 8, 2011. It is implemented on behalf of the Federal Ministry of the Environment (BMUB) and the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN). Central element of the German activities is the UN Decade contest. Every week, a project is awarded, which works in an exemplary manner on the conservation, sustainable use or communication of biodiversity.

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