Gemeinsam für eine sinnvolle Welt von morgen (Together for a meaningful world of tomorrow)

The slightly different animal park – The Sommerhausen Zoo Environmental Station is a very special animal park: It does not simply feature numerous local pets and farm animals as well as a playground of sensation and adventure. The Wildlife Park has additionally set itself to bringing together people with or without a handicap through shared interest in nature.

For many years the Environmental Station Wildlife Park Sommerhausen has been pursuing an integrative approach. Under the sponsorship of the Mainfränkische Werkstätten the wildlife park employs people with a disability. In direct contact with nature, they can take on work and responsibility here. Additionally the Environmental Station Sommerhausen offers an extensive educational programme. The project "Together for a meaningful world of tomorrow" was launched so that all those interested, with or without disabilities, can participate in the programmes. The aim is also to promote cooperation between different institutions for children and young people with and without disabilities.

Overcoming prejudices with the help of nature
So that people with and without disabilities can meet each other, regular information and getting to know each other days take place, in which institutions such as primary and secondary schools, special schools, the Lebenshilfe Würzburg as well as various associations participate. Thus for example children of rule and remedial schools meet in the animal park, which would perhaps not meet in the everyday life. Through common experiences with animals and positive experiences in nature, they come into contact with each other. This overcomes prejudices and new friendships can develop.

The Sommerhausen Animal Park Environmental Station offers a varied programme on the subject of nature and the animals in the park, as well as holiday activities and leisure time activities. For example, the participants go on a treasure hunt in the animal park together and learn which tricks animals and plants use to survive in nature. Healthy and tasty wild herbs can be discovered in the wild herb kitchen and a one-week teepee camp takes place in cooperation with the children's care service of the Würzburg District Office. During the joint activities, the children and young people learn to treat each other and nature with respect. In order to be able to look after all participants with and without disabilities and to develop new programmes, the team of the environmental station takes part in regular advanced training courses, for example on how to deal with ADHD or Asperger syndrome.

How to find us

Environmental Station Animal Park Sommerhausen
An der Tränk
97286 Sommerhausen
Opening hours: 9.00-18.00 hours
Mr Thomas Biechele-Kusch
+49 9333-902810

The Sommerhausen Zoo Environmental Station brings together people with or without a handicap together by sharing interest in nature.
The Sommerhausen Zoo Environmental Station brings together people with or without a handicap together by sharing interest in nature.
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