Aktive Vielfalt, für Alle (Active Variety, for Everyone)

Wildlife and national parks offer numerous ways of experiencing the variety of nature. But access to nature is often limited for people with physical disabilities. The project "Active Variety, for everyone" advocates for enhancing recreational activity offers for people with a handicap. 

A new perspective on nature
Independence in one's free time is a decisive criterion for equal participation in life. But popular recreational activities like hiking or cycling are often impossible for people with a disability. Especially school classes with wheelchair users are often faced with the challenge of organising nature trips, in which everyone can participate. Together with regional partners the Initiative „ILOH – Ich lebe ohne Hindernisse“ (I live without barriers) organises recreational programmes in the Eichsfeld-Hainich-Werratal nature preserve region, that bring together people with as well as without disability. By this a network of accessibility is created.

With latest technology towards more participation
During the tours innovative hiking-wheelchairs are employed, which make it possible to explore paths, a conventional wheelchair cannot drive on. „We want to give people in a wheelchair the opportunity, to use roads other than the asphalted ones – this immediately changes awareness for nature“, says Marco Pompe of ILOH. electric handbikes have made it possible for wheelchair users to experience nature in an entirely new way. In cooperation with the TU Dresden an App has been developed for handbiker, which indicates suitable tours available for the national park. Guided tours with inflatables on the Werra offer a new perspective on the riverscape to wheelchair users. The goal is to extend these ideas for inclusive tours to other regions of Central Germany.

Not only does the initiative select suitable routes, but it also determines needs for action, by working together with those affected, municipalities, schools and other local actors. This way subsidies of the county of Unstrut-Hainich made it possible to install the first mobile toilet suitable for wheelchair users at a cycling track.

How to find us

ILOH Ich lebe ohne Hindernisse
Tonbergstraße 51
99974 Mühlhausen
Mr Marco Pompe

Joint bike tour in May 2016 on the Unstrutradweg. Photo: S. Pompe
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