Project Examples "Social Nature"

The following list shows some project examples that have been awarded in the Special Competition "Social Nature – Nature for all"

A.L.M. – Alpen.Leben.Menschen

(A.L.M. - Alps. Life. People)

Exploring the landscape while hiking, discovering unknown species and having conversations with new neighbors: that is how integration in the Alps works. The project "A.L.M. - Alpen.Leben.Menschen "helps refugees in the rural Alpine region to arrive in their new living environment and at the same time learn to appreciate the particularly sensitive alpine nature. (learn more)




Naturerfahrungsräume für Kinder in Berlin

(Areas to experience nature for Berlin children)

Experiences in nature are valuable for the personality development of children. In order to provide everyday urban access to nature, the Stiftung Naturschutz Berlin has launched the project "Nature experience areas for Berlin children". (learn more) 




Heimatgarten Rheinhausen – Gemeinsam in Duisburg

(Heimatgarten Rheinhausen - gardening together in Duisburg)

The Heimatgarten is colorful. Here meet long-term residents, students, pensioners and refugees, people with a green thumb and those who have not. They all work together in cultivating and managing the large garden with 35 raised beds, insect hotels, hiding places for hedgehogs and beehives for five bee colonies. (learn more)




Faba-Naturprojekt, Biodiversität stärkt belastete Kinderseelen

(Faba Nature Project: Biodiversity for Emotional Balance)

The preventive health project offers a social, group-based approach to help provide balance and emotional support for children from families coping with addiction and/or impaired mental health. The central focus lies in teaching children about animals and plants, biological relationships and practical nature conservation. (learn more) 




Ein Nationalpark für alle

(A National Park for everyone)

Bumpy paths, narrow wooden footbridges, gradients: A National Park by nature usually is not barrier-free accessible. In order to improve the accessibility for people with physical or mental disabilities the Hunsrück-Hochwald National Park offers various options. (learn more)  




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