„Pferde fördern Vielfalt“ („Horses promote diversity“)

In the immediate environment of horses there is a special potential for the promotion of biological diversity. For horses need stables, hay and straw, meadows and pastures - ideal habitats for many species. To ensure that riders and horse clubs use this potential even better, the German Equestrian Federation (FN) and its cooperation partners have launched the project "Horses promote diversity".

Swallows and bats in the barn, insects and birds on meadows and in hedges - the horse husbandry offers numerous, partly endangered species nesting sites, food and habitat. Despite the good starting situation, there are still plenty of opportunities left to improve the biodiversity on horse farms.

This is why the German Equestrian Federation e.V. (FN) in cooperation with the Equestrian Sports Association Baden-Württemberg and the Biodiversity and Sustainability Consultant Dr. Stefan Rösler (oecoach) supports horse owners to enable more variety on their grounds. As part of the project "Horses promote diversity", the cooperation partners have developed a "Biodiversity Quick Check" and a practice-oriented catalog of measures.

The Biodiversity Quick-Check provides a quick overview of existing structures and shows horse associations and companies their individual options for improving biodiversity on their site. Do protected species live there, which must be taken into consideration? Are there nesting aids for birds, bats and wild bees? How important is biodiversity in horse training and among club members? In addition, the catalog of measures lists concrete and comparatively easy-to-implement recommendations for action that contribute to the promotion of biodiversity on buildings, as well as on sports and pasture grounds. These include, for example, the construction of breeding and nesting aids, the planting of trees, shrubs and hedges, or the creation of wetland habitats.

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Where horses are, biodiversity has a chance.
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