Landschaftshaus (The landscape house - experience, discover and explore nature)

Nature experiences for everyone  – Whether children, teenagers or adults, people with or without disabilities: in the landscape house of the Biological Station Oberberg, everyone has the chance to discover nature and actively protect it. The inclusive meeting and learning place offers varied programmes all around the Bergische cultural landscape.

How can I recognise a tree species by its bark? How does a woodpecker sound? The best way to explore the forest and its inhabitants is to take a trip into nature. The Biological Station Oberberg qualifies employees of the Behinderten Werkstätten Oberberg as environmental assistants. With little support, they guide visitors with disabilities through the forest and convey the learned topics in a clear and comprehensible way. At the same time, they are happy to pass on their appreciation of the forest to visitors in an authentic way. They face new challenges and motivate the participants to do the same. The environmental assistants are also actively involved in other landscape house events and can thus pursue responsible tasks in nature.

The Landscape House of the Biological Station Oberberg offers a wide range of activities to enable all people, with or without disabilities, to experience, discover and understand nature. In the module "Ear Jungle - Nature Symphony on the Trail" visitors experience acoustic nature experiences with the help of state-of-the-art technology and learn, for example through an animal voice quiz, how biodiversity sounds. Natural history programmes on the topics of water, forests, orchards, wild herbs and soil are designed to sensitise children and young people to nature at home and awaken their enthusiasm for ecological topics. The inclusive nature experience offers contribute to arousing interest in the diversity of nature and at the same time bring people together.

Learning in the green classroom
The Landschaftshaus cooperates with both regular schools and special schools in the region, some of which have already incorporated the Biological Station's educational programmes into their curricula. In this way, pupils from different school types come into contact with each other. In the "Green Classroom" they then get to know local wild herbs or the way of life of various animals in the forest instead of math or English.

How to find us

The Landscape House
Homburg Castle 2
51588 Nümbrecht
Opening hours: By appointment
Mr André Spans
Phone: +49 2293 90 15 25

Water module - a precious commodity - schoolgirls determine aquatic animals in the landscape house.
Water module - a precious commodity - schoolgirls determine aquatic animals in the landscape house.
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