"Kur in Natur" in einzigartiger biologischer Vielfalt ("cure in nature" in a unique biological diversity)

"Cure in nature" is an offer of the AOK Clinic Rügen. The clinic, which is located on the natural beach of the Baltic Sea island of Rügen, offers children and their parents a varied nature-related leisure, exercise and adventure education program during their joint spa stay.


The clinic's own nature trail provides impressions of the special flora and fauna of the clinic's natural area. It was built together with the NABU Rügen. A "treasure hunt" makes the children quickly familiar with the environment and walks with the mug loupe awaken their spirit of exploration.

Playing and romping is desired! During their stay, the children are looked after all the time. The natural terrain with many well-equipped forest playgrounds and a weather-independent therapeutic and games house offers many opportunities for play and movement.

Build huts allowed! From branches, the children build huts and experience wonderful moments in their "self-built house". The movement outside and in the fresh air strengthens and stabilizes them. When the weather permits, children meet in the pirate tent for "outdoor lessons". With the "mobile school" they can also get known to the nearby fossil beach, the chalk quarry or the National Park Center.

More nature experiences are offered by the "Bat Night" and joint planting sessions of fruit trees on the clinic's own orchard. In the project "Land-Art - Designing in Nature with Natural Materials" children become artistically active together with their mothers and fathers by strengthen their parent-child bond at the same time.

The project „cure in nature“ combines in an exemplary way the strengthening of health with nature experiences and environmental education and represents as well a successful example of the cooperation of nature conservation associations with the health care sector. Within the unique biodiversity of the island of Rügen the clinic also actively protects native biotopes between Bodden and Land on approx. 23 hectares of natural terrain.

How to find us

AOK-KLINIK RÜGEN / Mother / Father-Child Clinic

Harbor Road 1

18556 Wiek

Opening hours: after approved treatment

Mr. Bernd Nikoleit


The bat night is one of the highlights of the clinic offer.
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