Heuhupfer (With gardening fork and cooking spoon – the young and the old on the field)

On the multigenerational field – The Kampfeld Farm of the Heuhüpfer e.V. association in Hemmingen is a place unlike any other: From March to October a group of kindergartners regularly meets with senior citizens, to plant old types of grains and vegetables and cook together. Adults and children learn to know and respect biological diversity in exchange with each other.

At first glance, it seems to be a rather unusual constellation: kindergarten children and senior citizens jointly manage a vegetable field on the premises of the association. But the intergenerational group can learn a lot from each other. "Our senior citizens are happy when their knowledge is valued, and the children love the old stories," says Elisabeth Seiler from Heuhüpfer e.V. Together they discover the variety in the garden, grow vegetables and grain and process their harvest into delicious dishes.

In addition to usual types of vegetables on the Kampfeld farm many are grown that are not that prevalent anymore. Among those are for example chard, parsnip and swede. But there is also old kinds of cereal like Rotkornweizen (red grain wheat, subspecies of T. aestivum), emmer and millet as well as various kinds of tomatoes. Planting and cooking itself increases the incentive to make your own diet more varied and seasonal.

What crawls, grows and buzzes across the fields?
senior citizens learn the basics of organic farming and designing gardens to be close to nature. The vegetable fields are farmed in accordance with Bioland directives and fertilised using nothing but compost. This is to the benefit of earthworms and many other species living in soil and additionally promotes biodiversity. For this reason in addition to the cultivation of plants looking closely is central to these meetings. This way everyone knows what crawls, grows and buzzes across the fields. In the bumble-bee box they observe the development of a bumble-bee colony and with the help of an identification key they get to know compost inhabitants. Young and old learn how to treat food, nature and biological diversity with respect.

How to find us

Hayhoppers e. V.
Main Street 31
30966 Hemmingen
Opening hours: by appointment
Mrs Elisabeth Seiler
Phone: +49 5101-9903399

View of a bumblebee colony in a bumblebee box (Maier)
View of a bumblebee colony in a bumblebee box (Maier)
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