Große Hufeisennase in der Oberpfalz, Bayern (Greater horseshoe bat in the Upper Palatinate, Bavaria)

Hohenburg in the Upper Palatinate is home to the last maternity ward of the Greater Horseshoe Bat in Germany. It is the rarest bat species in Germany and critically endangered.

The bat colony in Hohenburg was discovered in 1992 in an old farmhouse. At the first count after the discovery, there were 14 adults and 10 juveniles in the building. The fact that a small number of bats survived in Hohenburg is related to the neighbouring Hohenfels military training area. Intensive agriculture never took place on the 160 square kilometre military training area. Horseshoe bats find insects in abundance here.

Since 2012, the Landesbund für Vogelschutz in Bayern, the Bundesanstalt für Immobilienaufgaben, the Landschaftspflegeverband Amberg-Sulzbach and the municipality of Hohenburg have been implementing measures at the house and in the surrounding landscape to improve the food supply for this bat species and to connect existing hunting grounds. This includes a forest grazing project with Upper Palatinate red cattle. In the Lauterach valley, fruit trees were planted, overgrown areas were cleared and forest edges were cleared.  

In the Hohenburg Bat House, visitors have the opportunity to learn about the highly endangered bat species and their special requirements. The protection measures for the greater horseshoe bat have been very successful. Today, the colony comprises 226 individuals. In 2019, more than 100 young of the greater horseshoe bat were born in the bat house. In the meantime, the greater horseshoe bats have also settled at sites in the vicinity of Hohenburg.

How to find us

Bat House Hohenburg
Marketplace 32
92277 Hohenburg
Opening hours: Every Friday in May and August from 7 pm, in June & July from 8 pm or by appointment.
Mr. Rudolf Leitl, Area Manager
Phone: +49 9626 9 29 97 72

Greater horseshoe bat in the cellar of the bat house in Hohenburg. Photo: Rudolf Leitl
Greater horseshoe bat in the cellar of the bat house in Hohenburg. Photo: Rudolf Leitl
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