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The game protection program of the Rhineland-Palatinate Hunting Association promotes biological diversity in the Rhineland-Palatinate farmland. The program is part of "Aktion Grün", an action alliance of the Rhineland-Palatinate biodiversity strategy.

The aim is to establish a good conservation status for partridge, hare, pheasant and other species of the field floor such as skylark, lapwing and field hamster. Hunters, farmers and authorities work together to achieve the goals.

Various sub-projects include habitat improvement measures - e.g. the planting of flowering areas, hedges and field shrubs - and predator management. The fox is the main target here. So-called beetle banks are being created as breeding and feeding habitats especially for partridges and pheasants. These are 2 m wide and about 40 cm high strips of old grass flanked by flower strips. They have a special microclimate, which is responsible for the fact that many insects settle there. Farmers can also use the program to obtain special seed mixtures that promote biodiversity in order to create ecological priority areas.

The measures will be implemented in three demonstration areas with a total area of 2000 hectares and evaluated by monitoring partridge and hare. The cooperation with the TH Bingen and the DLR Rheinhessen-Nahe-Hunsrück as well as a specially founded expert advisory board will support the project. It is financed by 80 percent from the Rhineland-Palatinate hunting tax and 20 percent from the state hunting association.

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Ulrike Höfken, Environment Minister of Rhineland-Palatinate, visits the first WFW test plots. Photo: Trier Forestry Office
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