Experience nature - get to know it - protect it. Out into the nature with the ecomobile

Since 1987, four trucks converted to ecomobiles have been travelling around Baden-Württemberg to impart knowledge about the local nature and to interest young people in the biological diversity in Baden-Württemberg. The motto is "Experience nature - get to know it - protect it".

The ecomobiles can be requested by groups free of charge. With the equipment of the ecomobiles the participants discover and experience regional forests, meadows and waters in nature-conserving way. They examine the water quality of brooks, determine animal and plant species and observe birds. By building nesting aids for wild bees, they also contribute directly to the preservation of habitats.

In three to four-hour workshops, the participants together with nature experts from the ecomobiles get to know and appreciate the local nature better. The course of events depends on the wishes of the participants. In addition to activities for kindergarten and school children, the ecomobiles also offer educational measures for adults, teachers and nature conservation groups. The ecomobiles also directly support the preservation of biological diversity during care work in nature reserves.

How to find us

79114 Freiburg
Mrs. Angelika Schwarz-Marstaller

Fleet of ecomobiles. Photo: Steffen Düll
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