On the platform www.dawn-chorus.org, people around the world were able to upload recordings of the morning bird concert in front of their windows or in their immediate vicinity for the first time from 1 to 31 May 2020. Over 3,500 audio recordings from all over the world were collected and displayed in a global sound map. The data also feed into a scientific database for biodiversity research.

The new Citizen Science platform was developed in a very short time in cooperation of many forces from science, culture and the digital world and on the initiative of BIOTOPIA Natural History Museum Bavaria and the Nantesbuch Foundation in Germany.

The long-term goal of the project is to track the status quo of bird biodiversity and its development worldwide over several years. With the Citizen Science project, the initiators also want to raise awareness of the endangered biodiversity and promote people's connection to nature. They are doing this by inviting people all over the world to listen to nature, record the morning bird concert with their mobile phones, upload it to the platform and thus participate in a research project that will last several years.

The denser the data collection, the initiators hope, the more specific questions on local biodiversity can be asked, so that, for example, the consequences of local habitat changes and progressive urbanisation can be documented, but also the success of renaturation programmes can be followed. Global issues and large meta-analyses of climate and habitat change are also made possible by the data.

In future, the campaign is to be repeated annually in May, thus providing valuable comparative data. The campaign was awarded as official contribution to the UN Decade on Biodiversity.

How to find us

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Phone: +49 (0)89 178 61-422
Email: contact@biotopia.net

Dawn Chorus was awarded as official contribution to the UN Decade on Biodiversity. Picture taken from the original website.
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