Allianz für Niederwild (Alliance for Small Game)

The project "Alliance for Small Game" is committed to the promotion of partridge, field hare and pheasant. A network of hunters, municipalities, conservationists, farmers, land owners, authorities and research institutions has joined forces to improve the habitats of endangered small game species such as partridge, hare and pheasant in the agricultural landscape of Baden-Württemberg.

Ecological measures are being developed, agricultural support programmes are being reviewed and practical approaches are being tested in four model regions and six local projects. Due to intensive agricultural use, many of the small game species are coming under pressure. In order to improve the living conditions of the animals, annual and perennial flowering fallows are sown, natural landscape elements are created and professional woodland management is promoted. An important factor in the choice of measures is not only the effectiveness for species protection but also the economic efficiency for the farmers. Hare, partridge and pheasant serve as indicator species, other animals, especially numerous insects, benefit from the measures.

The "Alliance for Small Game" is a joint project of the Game Research Centre of the State of Baden-Württemberg and the State Hunting Association of Baden-Württemberg. It is funded by the special programme Biological Diversity of the state.

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Colourful bird - The pheasant is representative of many small game species. Photo: Erich Marek
Colourful bird - The pheasant is representative of many small game species. Photo: Erich Marek
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