Social Nature – Nature for all

With its special competition „Social Nature – Nature for all“ the UN Decade honours exemplary projects that connect nature and social issues. The awarded projects highlight the opportunities that nature and biological diversity hold for social cohesion.

The aim of the competition is to present best-practice examples, publish them and inspire others to develop their own project activities. An expert panel consisting of people from a variety of interest groups decides on the winners. Recognition as an official UN Decade on Biodiversity Project highlights the quality of the initiative in question and raises public awareness of it. Further, the goal is to gather and spread knowledge and to establish and expand networks.


In seeking suitable projects, we focus on three topics/topic areas:


  • Green places
  • Experiences of nature and nature initiatives
  • Contact points with nature



Special Award 2018

Federal Environment Minister Svenja Schulze with the project managers of the project "A.L.M. - Alpen.Leben.Menschen", which was awarded the special prize "Social Nature - Nature for All". Photo: BMU / Florian

The project "A.L.M. - Alpen.Leben.Menschen" receives the special prize "Social Nature - Nature for all". The UN Decade awards this special prize once a year as part of the special competition of the same name. "A.L.M. - Alpen.Leben.Menschen" is a joint project of Malteser Hilfsdienst München e. V. and the German Alpine Club. It brings together people from the Bavarian Alpine region with refugees. During joint mountain tours and nature conservation events in the mountains, the participants not only get to know and appreciate each other better. The activities, which are a completely new experience for most of the participants, also sensitize the often young refugees from countries such as Syria, Eritrea and Somalia to the unique biodiversity of the Alpine region. The project is supported by volunteers who are specially trained for it. The jury of the UN Decade of Biodiversity is convinced that the initiative combines social interaction in nature with a commitment to biodiversity in a particularly exemplary way and is therefore awarded this year's special prize "Social Nature". Federal Environment Minister Svenja Schulze presented the prize, which is linked to prize money of 1,000 euros, on 10 October 2018 as part of the 9th National Forum on Biological Diversity in Berlin.

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